Caribbean stud poker at A K Casino Knights

Our Caribbean Stud Poker table (CSP) is a Simple and effective poker game for all events. It is becoming a very popular game at our events and our Caribbean stud poker table and three card poker table are in High demand. Caribbean stud Poker and Three Card Poker offer any beginner poker player an insight into poker hands. Please check our Texas Hold’em page for details on Poker tournaments and Poker games for the experienced player.

 Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino game that has been developed using the poker hands and general rules of five card stud poker. The game combines poker elements and standard table game elements in that each player dealt into the hand is playing against the dealer. Originally invented by famed gambling author David Sklansky using the name Casino Hold’emwith some slight rule variations, the game was first introduced to and played in hotels in Aruba in the 1980s


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