One of the best form of any event is have a fun casino. Guests get to mingle and  interact with each other playing at the casino tables. Fun casino games are an extremely fun way to spend an evening. A K Casino Knights are very pleased to offer different fun games packages for various events including Fun Casino Hire for Weddings, Party Game Hire, Corporate Fun Casino Hire and more

Here are just a few popular games that can be played:

Roulette Table Hire 
Each player should have some coloured chips which represents different sums of money. When the game is in play they you can choose to put a certain amount on any number or colour available. Our croupier will then spin the wheel in one direction and then the ball the opposite way and the ball lands on 1 of 37 numbers in the wheel.  If you are lucky enough to have chosen the right number then go ahead and enjoy your winnings! For further information on Roulette Table hire and the sizes of the table please contact our team. For more information on Roulette please click here

Texas Hold’em Poker
This game is currently the most poplar form of poker played in most areas of the world. Each player is dealt two cards face down by the dealer who then places three ‘community cards’ in the middle of the table face up for all to see. Players have to then make a combination out of their own cards and the community cards to aim and have the best possible set out of the opponents. After each round the players are given the opportunity to bet however much they like really depending on how confident they are with their card sets. Players at this point are also given the opportunity to give up if they are not confident at all with their cards. The tables for most card games are all approximately the same size. For more information on Texas Hold’Em poker click here


Each player is dealt two cards just like in Texas Hold’em Poker. The only difference is that the two cards are face up instead of face down. The aim of the game is to get a total of 21 in accordance to what cards are dealt. You are given the opportunity to hit (get another card) or stand (receive no more cards). You have to get the closest to twenty-one without going over or you  bust your hand and your bet and cards are cleared away. Each card carries its only value. For Example a 2 of clubs represents 2. Jacks, queen and King all represent 10 and Ace can be 1 or 11. To find out more about Blackjack please click here

Dice aka Craps 

The first player is given a set of dice which they have to then throw and see what number they get. If they get a bad set of numbers they then have to pass the set of dice to the player to the left of them. Here are the dice meanings: Win = 7, 11 Loss = 2, 3, 12 You could also win with the remaining numbers not mentioned if rolled before a winning roll, the table for this fun casino game can be seen by clicking here.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of fortune is a game which is familiar to a lot of people who watch and are familiar to television game shows. It is a simple game and can really be played with any one because it is mostly a game to win by chance more than logistics. You place a bet on a segment of the wheel. After all bets are placed the croupier will spin the wheel to see which segment it eventually lands on. If you have bet on the winning segment your bet will be worth equal money, 2:1, 5:1, 10:1 or 25:1. To find out more about the Wheel of Fortune please click here

If this sounds like fun book your fun casino now with us at A K Casino Knights 

Fun Casino Hire from A K Casino Knights is available in all areas of  West Sussex including Worthing,  Arun,  Chichester,  Horsham,  Crawley,  Mid Sussex,  Adur, East Grinstead. For all areas covered in West Sussex, please click here

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