A K Casino Knights Sic Bo, dice gameAt A K Casino Knights we like to offer a variation of games and game packages to our clients and despite its age, sic bo remains a relatively unknown fun casino game in the West. Almost unheard of, very few people know of the game in the West and even fewer know the rules. Sic bo hails from ancient China, where it has been played for centuries. It is a simple and fun game which works at many events run by A K casino Knights. This game iis suitable for adults and a great game for children to play at weddings or family birthday parties. If you are interested in Sic Bo, please add this to your event booking form

Sic bo is Chinese for ‘dice pair’. The game is played with three dice, Shaken in a container by the selected player and rolled to find out the winning bets, or, like in roulette the combination of winning bets.The main goal of sic bo is to predict the value of the three dice by betting on various sections of the Sic Bo board

The sic bo table may appear complicated at first. its so simple, take you time and take a look at the layout, you will become familiar with the table and game within a few minutes. Our professional croupiers are able to guide you through the bets, ensuring you can play confidently in no time at all

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