During A K Casino Knights 20 years some of our most experienced dealers have run across a few common tells in their time. Here are a few tips on tells form one of our more experienced Croupiers Jane Brooks

  • For Newbie’s a great and unexpected tell is a shaky hand!! This is unintentional and normally indicates a huge hand. They have hit big and the excitement just shines through!
  • Chip checking is another common tell. This is quick and subtle so pay close attention. After the flop if a player looks at their chips it means they have a hand!
  • On the reverse of the last tell if a player stares at the flop it generally means they have missed. The player is trying to find some kind of hand in there!!
  • Checking the pocket cards often happens when the flop comes out in the same suit. Generally the players pocket cards are being checked to see if their cards match the suit on the board and it usually means the pocket cards are not suited.
  • When a player asks the dealer for clarification it usually means they have a big hand. They ask about their bet, how much it is for them or what’s the bet?
  • Another great indication of a big hand is an odd one but if a player is being particularly rude to you right after a bet it often means that they want to annoy you enough so you call their bet.
  • The reverse of the above tell is being overly polite after a bet. They are probably bluffing about the strength of their hand
  • Conversation during professional poker games is limited but there are some tells in there. If the conversation is choppy, like with any situation, it could mean their mind is elsewhere and is thinking about his weak hand
  • If the conversation is smooth the player may not be concerned with his hand which indicates a strong hand.

So there you are, a few tips for great poker play! Enjoy your next game with A K Casino Knights Fun casino Poker Hire

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