When first arriving at the table,look for the puck (a round disc with on  written one side and off on the other)
If the disc is showing off on the upturned face the game is about to start and if it shows on,on the upturned face then the game is in progress. To start a game, a player will be offered 2 dice to roll to the opposite end of the table at which they are standing. They must place a bet on the pass line or do not pass line to do this. Other players can bet with them if they want by doing the same . If betting on the pass line, on the 1st roll of the dice  the player must roll 7 or 11 to win and if they roll 2,3 or 12 (crap #s) they lose. Any other number rolled will be marked using the puc and this indicates the point. Your money on the pass line now becomes a contract bet and will only win if you repeat the point before a 7. For example, if you have rolled an 8 and the puck is on the 8, you must roll an 8 again to win

So to recap, at the very beginning of the game,7,11 wins on the pass line and 2,3,12(crap #s) lose. If none are rolled then the puck will mark one of the other numbers(4,5,6,8,9 or 10)and this is called the point. The player now has to roll the point before a 7 to win their bet on the pass line. No other number will alter the outcome of the game. A player can make side bets and the dealer will advise them where and when to place these should they wish to elaborate on their bets.