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Children’s Parties with A K Casino Knights 

Casino Parties for children are becoming more and more popular.  A K Casino Knights has many games which are suitable for children and in our experience Casino games can teach children many things including addition and subtraction, adding groups of numbers, working out sets i.e. a flush (same suited cards), counting in order i.e. a straight (9-10-J). They learn how to take turns and work a s a team. And above all it is a great way to entertain them for an hour or two.

What age group are casino parties suitable for?

The best age group for a casino themed party is 8-16. We recommend that you book each table for 1-2 hrs. This is perfect amount of time for most children. If you have a large group of children to be entertained our croupiers will make sure we have as many children play as possible

What games are suitable for children’s casino parties?

All of our casino games are fun, especially for children (they all see to enjoy the things that they should not!) so we like to include an element of learning too! So the games we recommend are Blackjack, A K Grand (dice), 9 Card brag, Wheel of Fortune and A K Pot Black. All of these games are enjoyed by children and adults.

What kind of Prizes can I give?

The fun of children’s parties are the GOODY BAGS! We recommend that when a hand of cards is dealt on Blackjack or a dice are thrown on A K Grand that the winner get a very small prize like a gold chocolate coin or a small packet of sweets? This gives the children incentive to play and win and also share!

Who will croupier our tables?

Our experienced staff are all great and we love kids! Some of our croupiers have teaching backgrounds, have worked with children in the past or have children of our own! Our croupiers play fair and give every child equal opportunity to participate as fully as they want to in all of the games. Patience is essential and each child is given the time to add up there own hand and work out the best hands for them with the croupiers assistance of required.

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