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    Posted on February 9, 2013 by in Casino News

    My love of casino and James Bond is no coincidence! The reason I am a croupier has everything to do with my Lovely Granddad!  Many weekends we would visit my Nan and Granddad in Goring by Sea, Nr Worthing and have lots of Fun. Saturday evening was my Favourite time of all. while the others in my family all watch Saturday night TV, Granddad and I would go into the kitchen and he would teach me card games, including  Brag and Rummy and my favourite game was crib! He taught me Crib when I was eight and I have loved card games ever since! We would share stories and packets of crisps and it is one of my happiest memories! Sunday Morning we would bounce out of bed, eat breakfast and pick out a Bond film to watch. Granddad had recorded every one on VHS…. So that’s how my weekends went and now I play games for my job! Sweet 🙂

    We are now offering as part of our party packages games for children, I know that I got so much from games at a young age. For more information please visit Casino Parties for Kids page

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