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    Well its all about poker at the moment

    Here are some interesting facts!

    • The age of the youngest player to win the world series of Poker main event was 24
    • The oldest player was 80!
    • The combined amount for the first place winnings of the main series poker  from 1991-1999 is $9,000,000
    • Odds of being dealt a poker pair is 16:1
    • Odds of Flopping a set after being dealt a poker pair 8.3:1
    • The ‘rake from the poker series is 10%
    • Total ‘rake’ $5,281,861
    • Total number of possible poker hands from one deck is 2,598,960
    • Royal flush possibilities from one deck is 4
    • Odds of making a royal flush is 649,740:1
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